woensdag 15 juni 2016

Showreel 2016

My new showreel with the work I made as a stop motion animator is online!

With excerpts from:
- Commissioned work
- Non-commissioned work
- Freelance work at Rogier Wieland

Music by
fantastic fantastic

Feel free to visit my Vimeo page for more (recent)work:

zaterdag 7 november 2015

End result

Yes! I graduated! 

I'm very happy with the end result! After a year of screenings on various festivals and events it's time to put my graduation film Turn the Tables online! :) You can also watch a making of the stop motion animation.

Turn the Tables

Making of Turn the Tables

Teaser trailer


On set

Because I couldn't finish my film in time at the final presentation of the graduation in June, the teachers gave me a re-examination in August. The art academy is closed during the summer holidays, so Rogier Wieland and Danièle Knirim made their studio available for me to finish the production and post-production of my graduation film. I am very thankful for that!

I still had to finish the puppets and some details for the set. See the 'Building set and props' and 'Finishing the puppets' post on my blog. Up next is making a detailed PreViz (PreVizualisation) before starting animation. By making a PreViz first I can check if every camera angle, timing of the shots, lighting, and the movement of the characters are telling the story.

 Shot tests with the almost-finished puppets

Norbert just finished his PreViz

Now that the PreViz is finished Toon Habraken can start composing the music for the film. He is a very talented versatile composer who can play a range of instruments. I contacted him during the pre-production of the film. He was very interested in my project, and I was very enthusiastic that he could and would help me!
Check out his website to hear more of the great compositions he made: http://www.toonhabrakenmusic.com

I showed the PreViz to a few people and received some very useful feedback. I made some notes on the shotlist to change the order of the shots to tell a clearer story.

A short version of the shotlist

Now I have got all the components to make the final animation! But, I only have one and a half week left to complete my film before the re-examination deadline... No time to waste!

While I was animating, Toon was very busy with the composition. He made some very nice music for the first version of the PreViz. After some feedback moments he had a final version for my PreViz and eventually for the final film. He managed to make a beautiful jazzy composition which captures and communicates the feeling of Norbert and matching the timing of the movements of the all the characters in the film. I am very happy with the end result!

'Reserved' a spot for the couple

You better watch out Norbert... 

Finishing the puppets

After finishing the facial replacements

I asked my mother in law Annemiek du Cloo and my friend Danielè Knirim to sew the clothes of the puppets. They are very good in making detailed work and are very precise. I was very glad they wanted to help me!

I still had to think of a way to make suitable eyebrows and eyelids. I came up with the idea of make them out of paper to match the rest of the design of the design and set.

How big do the eyebrows need to be?

 The final eyebrows with the eyelids

By using the lasercutter at Rogier Wieland's place, where I also could build up the set and make the animation, it was possible to cut the eyebrows and eyelids and a lot of spare ones when the original pares where used or lost. I used some Blu-Tack to make them stick on the face of the puppets.

Preparing replacements and eyebrows/lids on set 

Drink glasses

From the beginning of the concept I thought of using real tiny drink glasses in my film. But it was impossible to find different kind of glass on the right scale. I was in contact with a friend of mine who said to know someone with the right glass blow skills to make the tiny drink glasses I had in mind. His name is Robert Lambermont, a spatial designer with a broad range of skills. He makes objects made of wood, plastic, glass and metal. 
Check out his website too see all the awesome projects he has made: http://www.robertlambermont.nl

I made every kind of glass I needed out of clay on the right scale

Inside glassworks 'Van Glas' in Amsterdam - http://www.vanglas.nl

In deep concentration...

The clay version and the final result

All the final drink glasses in a row

I thought of putting some liquid silicone in it, or even real water with a colour pigment. But that would not match the rest of the design of the characters and the set and it would even not be handy using a liquid solution when animating the shots. So used coloured paper to depict the drinks.

Two shots from the film with filled drink glasses